The one
And only
Findlay Harris

Upcoming Match,
28th of March

NEXT FIGHT!! I’m fighting in an 8 Man prizefighter tournament on the GGG promotions show in Birmingham on the 28th of March (in 4 weeks) The winner wins a TITLE and the Prize money!!! This is going to be a great show and a big fight for me (possibly 3 fights in the same night)!! So it would be brilliant to have as much support as possible for this, I know it’s a fair distance away but if I get a lot of interest then I’ll look into arranging a minibus to get there and if we fill it it’ll only cost £10 each! Tickets are £25 each, which a serious BARGAIN 😁 considering that there’s also 15+ fights as well as the prizefighter and you’re potentially watching me have 3 fights in one night 🙌 Also the show is a “Peaky Blinders” themed event, so you have the option to dress up all crisp and smart with your flat cap on or fancy frock 😁 This is going to be a top night and I’d love to take as many people over there with me as I can, if you’re interested please just give me a shout and I’ll sort everything out with you!! Cheers 👍

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"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life."

— Muhammad Ali